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From Peacocks to Picasso
Professional Development for Educators

Museums offer a unique experience for young children and provide an opportunity to engage and inspire learning. There is a sense of wonder that comes from being in the presence of authentic objects representing our past and present, from natural specimens like a gigantic dinosaur skeleton or a majestic peacock to cultural artifacts, perhaps a collection of musical instruments from an ancient culture. Through the magical world of museums, young children are free to imagine and become friends with artists like Pablo Picasso or Alexander Calder. Museums are rich in diversity and bring art, culture, history and science into the lives of children.
Early Learning in Museums offers professional training opportunities for educators interested in engaging young children in exploring their world through art and objects. From Peacocks to Picasso represents a learning experience that includes theory and practice relevant to classrooms and museums. Each seminar is planned around the mission and goals of the partner and supports educators in developing skills that focus on teaching and learning with objects.
Early Learning in Museums, LLC